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Stray Kids - COMFLEX
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Stray Kids - COMFLEX
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(Ooh) I'm so immature, this is young blood with ambition
(Ooh) I'll show you the gap, this is the beauty of the margin
(Ooh) A lot of talent, no thanks, all you need is one, master key
I wasn't greedy for all the colors, so I just picked the black belt
Press the stopwatch without fear
Start thinking right away and there is no answer
Just the way you see it, just the way it is
As I go, it opens up to infinity

Try me, judge me
'Cause I don't give a shit
The way you look at my book cover
I ain't triggered, by all means
Embracing all my scars
And imperfections
Turn the tide
All my cons are my pros now