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Seungmin (Stray kids) - Hold On
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Seungmin (Stray kids) - Hold On
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Текст песни
On a rainy day, when barely anything could be seen
You came to me like a gift, you brought joy to meaningless days
Just watching you all day brought a smile to my face
During my colorless days, you made me dream of tomorrow
The day you first gave me your paw
Don't know why I teared up
When you ran towards me with all your might
Wagging your tail
This place, where the only thing that used to greet me
Was the front door light, felt like a happy place
Though I cannot see you at the moment
Someday, after quite some time has passed
When I stand before you, please
Come running to me once again
By the time he embers that stick tight to my sadness
Slowly burn out and turn to white ashes
When the remaining ashes are blown away
I will call your name once again, hold on