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Lil Peep - Black Fingernails
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Lil Peep - Black Fingernails
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I'm skatin' off the scene, I'm with your daughter
This is my money, don't ask what I bought her
Brought her to the slaughter, girl, she think she gettin' Prada
All I really wanted wasn't wetter than the water
I'm divin' off the boat, so call the doctor
They see my face and now they know he proper
I ain't wanna do it but right now you know I gotta
Trippin' on me, ornery, like she took a hit of blotter
Caught her in the back with me while we was sippin' Vodka
Just let me do my rep, don't need no spotter
I'm up in this bitch, I'm solo, boy, don't need no squad, ah
Trappin' out the school, I'm boolin', drugs up in my locker
There ain't no gettin' through to me, don't bother
This is my moment, mane, don't try to block us